7 things i hate about my boyfriend

1. I hate when he care less about our meeting and choose his family command over me. I know i don't have any rights to force him to disobey his family as i only his girlfriend, but please give some respect to a promise. Can i put my trust, my life, and my love to someone who even don't care to keep his promise?
2. I hate when he pushes me away if i want to give him a kiss or a hug. I know he's still working at that moment or he pushed me because he doesn't want anyone to see us kissing or hugging. But still, i hate the way he does it. There's so much better way to do it!! i feel like i'm not his girfriend.
3. I hate when he’s more willing to spend the time in the afternoon at his campus than spend it
with me, even when he doesn’t have teaching schedule.
4. I even hate him more when he can easily leaves his campus to go picnic with his family while
he’s so difficult to ask if it was me.
5. I hate him when he forget about anything i asked for easily more than it was before back in time when our relationship started. We haven’t become a husband and wife yet, but why he’s
already act like a dull husbands?
6. I hate him when he wakes up late everyday. Although i don’t agree in many things with my
Mom, but i do agree with one of her philosophies, wake up late makes your rizqi go away.
7. I hate him when he act like a child as he’s the youngest children while i’m the eldest children
in the family needs to become a younger one than him.

Why 7? Again it’s my lucky number. I wish one day he can understand why sometimes i get easily mad at him. Even though the title shows about hating someone, it doesn't mean i don't love him. It just sometime i can't stand the way he treats me. I hate to talk about it but sometime i just can't hold it anymore so i need to write it down as i couldn't tell anyone about this. For the sake of my soul and my brain.

I do love you, so much.

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