My Laptop is OK now......

After went through several trial and error, finally my laptop returned on Saturday 17th May 2008. I am so happy and relieved now. Being apart from my laptop is like being apart from a boyfriend, a soulmate. I am so glad it back.

This is my 3rd laptop actually. The first one is a Toshiba that my daddy bought me when i was a 3rd year student at University of Indonesia. I sent back my PC and asked my friend Hadi to buy it for me. It cost a lot at that time, about 14millions rupiah. I bought it as at that time i started to live separately at a private dorm house from my cousin who is going to move living in Bekasi. The second laptop was an Acer one, a 15" widescreen from Aspire series which i bought with my own saving in the 2nd year i worked with Reins.Ltd. I sold it half price to my father's employee and then bought this laptop. A much smaller one, as it's only 12". I bought this as a preparation if i have to leave to continue my study to a master degree. It won't be nice if i bring all the way a 15" laptop as it will be heavy and big. It still an Acer from Aspire series. Why the same brand and series? No special reason, it just suitable with my budget and has all the things i need for the moment.

Now as my laptop is back to normal, i can get back to do anything as usual in my laptop. Everything. Working (which made my can buy this laptop), reading emails from friends, customizing my friendster and facebook account, watching my favourite tv series, playing mini games, playing the Sims 2 speaking of which i haven't reinstall it to my laptop since i got it back from my love, and of course posting to this blog. It's all come back to as it was even my favourite wallpaper is installed. A picture of the whole casts of Asterix, of course the cartoon version one. The transformed Vista style also installed now. The operating system is actually windows XP proffesional, the original one not from the service pack series. So if you open my laptop, you will view a vista look instead of XP. I prefer not to install vista as not so many programs i'm using are compatible with the vista. Yet i like how it's look so i was so happy when my love found a program that can make the look of XP becomes Vista. Thanks to you love!

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