Solar Return Birthday Reading

Section 1: The Sun In The Solar Return Chart

Sun Aspects Saturn
Sun-Saturn aspects in the solar return chart tend to imply a sense of structure. Whether this structure becomes supportive or restrictive is up to the individual's ability to handle Saturnian issues in a positive manner. This is not meant to be a depressing time, but it does entail stark realism. Accurate perceptions of existing situations are essential to either accepting or changing future expectations. The refusal to accept responsibility for one's own life situation or to work within obvious limitations can lead to frustration, isolation, and loneliness. Limitations are not an essential characteristic of Saturnian aspects, but denote a need to be more realistic and patient. Changes are slow and involve careful planning, hard work, and discipline. Many times a major project is being worked on for most of the year.

Sun Aspects Mars
Mars symbolizes the energy necessary for successful accomplishments. When Mars aspects the Sun, it is a good time to work on a project that requires a great deal of energy to complete. Success can come in the form of personal or professional achievement, or with defense. Relationships tend to be competitive, and you need to balance self-centered drives with the needs of others. Learning to deal with aggression, conflict, and anger in an effective rather than detrimental way can enable the individual to handle negative situations positively. Less spiritual themes involve destructive or self-destructive urges. Prolonged anger creates blockages which waste energy in a cycle of negative emotions that have no real purpose or goal. It is better to direct efforts into positive endeavors.

Sun Aspects Venus
Just as in the natal chart, the solar return Sun is never more than 46 degrees from Venus, so it does not form any major aspects other than the conjunction. Venus conjunct the Sun indicates that personal reward or sacrifice in the form of money, self-esteem, values, or relationships is intimately tied up with the goals of the Sun. Laziness might be very detrimental, while one can reap great benefits from a personal best.

Section 2: Mercury In The Solar Return Chart

Mercury Aspects Neptune
Neptune in aspect to Mercury in the solar return chart suggests working with the less clearly defined psychological drives such as compassion, creativity, and spirituality. Your sensitivity to subtle emotional connections among all people increases your concern for certain individuals in particular and humanity as a whole. You are able to acquire information through intuitive and psychic insights. Dealing with these subtle themes can lead to some uncertainty and confusion in the thinking process. Increased intuitive or psychic awareness can precede the ability to weigh this information for its accuracy. It is sometimes difficult to discriminate between what is really psychic and what is more closely akin to worry, fear, or false hope. It is also difficult to find practical applications for idealistic concepts and inspirations which are represented by this combination. Therefore, stress can sometimes be associated with the more spiritual manifestations of Neptune-Mercury aspects.

Mercury Aspects Uranus
Uranus-Mercury aspects suggest that you are open to new ideas which may take the form of new information you are learning or new concepts you are developing yourself. These aspects can show great creativity since they imply that the individual is able to approach problems from many different angles and is not locked into one structured way of thinking. Use this time to be innovative and original. Brainstorm with others. But, because your mind is somewhat unstructured, your ability to think clearly may be interrupted by erratic impulses and an inability to concentrate over any length of time. New information may be more exciting than reorganizing what you already know. If you must work on a major project that requires sustained mental energy, take frequent breaks.

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