one mistake followed by bad things happened!!

i'm so stressed out!!! Just because i was interested in the chance to upgrade my windows so i can update my pirate software online freely, now i have to reinstall and reformat my computer back to the original condition. Ugghhhh!! Then i got infected by Xanoa.html virus when the installation process of genuine McAffee was in progress :(
It made me have to install another antivirus that can detect this Xanoa virus as Mc.Affee couldn't detect it. In such a rush i installed other antivirus before uninstalling Mc.Affee first which then made my computer crashed. Huhuhuhuhu....good thing i can still run it in save mode. But once again, how unfortunately i was, the virus was still there!!!!

This morning i've got my computer reinstalled and reformatted again! the virus was long gone, but my USB port wasn't recognize by the computer. i don't what's wrong with the installation progress. Hiks. I gave up, and i gave it up to my boyfriend to fix it. Hope it will be Ok tomorrow so I wouldn't left behind in my work. Now i have to use my office computer, which is a litle bit slow......
poor me... :'(

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