fortuNE tEller reading bout Me - I am So ProUd 2be a Gemini!

You came into this life equipped with great curiosity, a lively, versatile, inquisitive mind, and an urge for constant learning and new experiences. Your most basic inner drive is to communicate, to make connections and association (between people or ideas), and to develop your gift for language and expressing yourself through the spoken or written word. Thus, you, being an intermediary or messenger, a translator, a teacher, a broadcaster, a correspondent, or in some field where you can mix and mingle and interact with a broad spectrum of people, suits you well.
Fascinated by life's seemingly endless variety and the multitude of options and choices available to you, you may flit from one person, job, hobby, or location to the next, restlessly seeking new experiences and stimuli. Even if you do not do this in your outward behavior, inwardly your mind is in constant motion, and you require a healthy dose of variation and mental or social stimulation in your life in order to approach anything resembling contentment. Skimming lightly over the surface of life, however, can lead to a shallowness of understanding and a fluttering away of your energies.

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