Perfections versus AngeR mAn@g3MeNt *&%$#^@&!

The problem with trying to be in control is that you're so focused on what has to be that you don't give yourself a chance to see what could be. And when you found out that you’ve failed, you’ll get angry so much.

That's definitely my greatest problem at the moment. I'm always trying to be perfect in doing anything, trying to stick to whatever I have planned in life, in building relationship with others, and anything related to my goals for the rest of my life. And everybody, even my self already knew that would never happen. I can't take all the control what has to be happened as there's always be uncertainty in life. I even learned it in one of my subject back to uni period. Nothing is certain, I will never get a 100% of everything I planned cause there is X factor which could be, a flawed plan, a mistaken in the process, or the most important thing is that's not what Allah has planned for you. I always remember this idiom "Human are able to plan, but Allah is still the one who can grant". I already knew that efforts and tawakkal is the key to be able to accept whatever the result is.

However, talk is always easier than done. At the moment, I’m still struggling to be able to do it rather than talk about it.

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