CongratZ to d winneR oF LoseR aWardS

.................................and the winner is.............. m3!!!!!!!

Congratulations to me as i received the Loser Awards for the third time. It's an honour that not everyone in the world can have it. I've won it for the scholarship loser category. First time winner was the APS scholarship, awarded after i passed the interview stage. The second time was the Pre-Reg Stuned scholarship, i even didn't pass the administration stage. The third one, which is the latest was the Dikti (DHE) Scholarship funded by APBN of my country. This latter one, was a joke at all. All of us the loser candidates didn't get any explanation on why did we have failed on the administration stage. Can you imagine how sad those expertises from my university who did all the way to get a Letter of Acceptance by its own and then left to be untold what was going on their scholarship application.

The authority has unofficially said (as it was a speech not a written expression or statement as we received if we failed in foreign fund provider for the scholarship always does) that we failed it because:
1. We don't have an unconditional offer letter,
2. Our TOEFL or IELTS score was not reach the standard or has been expired,
3. Our choosen fields were not appropriate, and
4. Our application were not complete.

All the reasons that in purpose to shut us up which was stupid at all as
1. We do have unconditional offer letter,
2. Our IELTS and TOEFL score reach the standard, otherwise we won't get unconditional offer letter
from the university we're applying,
3. What kind of reason is this, so unrealistic as of course we chose field of study that match with our
4. There's no way it's not complete as we should pass the education department at our university
whose checking our completeness before it sent to DHE.

Careless Act of Unprofessional Human Resource
We're all assumed that as this DHE institution hands were full of 2 thousands of application sent
from over Indonesia and they sort it out by the Russian Roulette technique :D, who got lucky get the scholarship. Why do we have this assumption? As one of pur colleague who didn't submit their research proposal and other one has expired IELTS score got the chance to have interview!! It's so unfair. Other funny thing is that they have unofficially stated that who didn't get the scholarship in 2008, there will be another in 2009. This statement
was so unresponsible. They're giving hope without guarantee or even explanation if it will be
a postponed scholarship, or we should start it over again from the beginning, meaning reapply the scholarship for the next bacth which definitely stated that we failed. They don't even care at all what bad image and relationship we're facing through the university we're applying. I can imagine that those Unies around the world will be extracareful when it comes to funded by the government. The long bureaucracy we should through will make bad impression to our government.

Awareness of Blessings in Disguise
To me, there's no way i would be sad as i know GOD has all the explanation even if i still couldn't understand it yet for the moment. I know somewhere somehow GOD has its own plan for me.
One day i'll be understand what it's all about. I'm praying.

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