You always put everything behind when it comes to her. Everything that supposed to be the most priority, campus stuff that can’t be leaved, nearly deadline office project, you left it once she came. Promises are forgotten or at least modified just to spend the day with her. I would never hate that little girl, but why she took all that supposed to be my time? Mum above everything can be tolerated, but sisters, brothers, nieces, campus, offices above me? How should I feel about it? It always likes that over and over again. Am I wrong to feel sad for being left behind? You might feel I just being over reacted, and may consider it to cut me from your future plan. But you will have her for all of your life when she turns 5, right!!! But what happened to me once you decide to break this? I have nothing in blood that can connect me to you forever…….

I am a silly girl who gets jealous with your own blood related. I am a selfish person who can’t share you with others. I am a psycho girl who can’t stand you spending time with others. I am a sick person whose never succeed in learning how to share you. I am only just a human who love you more than I love myself.

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